The Delicious Garnet

Did you know that January’s birthstone, the garnet, was named after everyone’s favorite winter fruit, the pomegranate? It’s true. The name was coined by a 13th-century German theologian from the Latin granatus, from granum (‘grain, seed’), referring to the red seeds in pomegranate. And we totally agree that the seeds do resemble beautifully cut and polished […]

August: Gold Vibrations

Gold Vibrations Are you ready for a cool down yet? August is on average the second hottest month in the Northern Hemisphere. But did you know that wearing gold has been proven to help regulate body temperature, and promote overall blood circulation and oxygen flow to all parts of the body due to the relaxing effect […]

Customer Interview with Carajane Moore

Meet our friend and customer, Carajane! We love how this beautiful, confident woman wears her JD jewelry everywhere from walks with friends to business calls to a night out.