While most of us midwesterners welcome the onset of winter, when the air turns crisp enough for us to pull on a cozy sweater and settle down in front of a warm fire, by mid-February we are all ready to bid Old Man Winter adieu. The weeks upon weeks of cloudy skies and below-freezing temperatures leave us clinging desperately to the mantra, “Spring is just around the corner.” Then, finally, in late March, the sun begins to peek out revealing blue skies and soft pops of white blooms sweep across the neutral landscape. We all rejoice at the sight.

Our 2019 Spring Collection is a tribute to this first sight of spring splendor and its soft and subtle way of refreshing our souls. Milky whites, warm browns, and bursts of blue and green tones run throughout. Embellished by bits of sterling silver, our new designs offer a Rugged Elegance that will leave you looking and feeling refreshed. We hope you rejoice at the sight.