This month Jill Duzan is teaming up once again with our friend and stylist, Pam Kane of Closet Therapy for a three-day fashion event. This exclusive event will feature items from the Jill Duzan Fall collection, as well as new Fall clothing designs from Brooklyn-based designer, Julie Diller of Ohm Studio. 

We sat down with Pam to get some insight into what she provides for her clients, and what you can expect at one of her biannual styling events. 

What is your mission at Closet Therapy?

My mission at Closet Therapy is to educate and empower women to express themselves through fashion. I encourage my clients to communicate their unique looks by combining textiles and accessories so that they can look and feel like their most whole person.  

What inspires you most about the Fall season?

Autumn is the time of year when we think about spices and pumpkins and the leaves changing their colors to bring a warmth of gold and rust to the backdrop of our lives. I ponder transitions and add layers and texture to my wardrobe. For this reason, I’m excited for people to see the new Fall collections of Jill Duzan and Ohm Studio because their beautiful and iconic pieces will do just that!

What is your favorite new Jill Duzan design?

The newest treasure I have acquired from Jill Duzan is a bold new diamond bangle that I layer with John Hardy and Silpada. Also, traveling with my Olive Mystic JD Signature necklace is a must – especially during the holidays! My favorite thing about the whole JD line is the casual elegance – it allows the wearer to go from day to night with confidence.

What is it about the Ohm studio line that keeps people coming back for more?

ohm continues to beguile my senses – from the new embroidered velvet coats to the fan-favorite breast veil – Julie Diller’s whimsical and artistic approach to style allows for the unexpected, giving us the ability to be playful yet sophisticated. 

What is your best style tip for women who want to look fabulous this season? 

This season, and all year round, I encourage all of us to explore the magical expression of fashion and to embrace our uniqueness!

Pam’s fall styling event will take place October 25-27, 2018 in the Indianapolis area. To be a part of this season’s event, contact Pam Kane of Closet Therapy at 317-490-4718 or ppjns5@aol.com for more information and to make an appointment.