Q&A with designer, Jill Duzan Willey.

What palettes are inspiring you this year?

Nature is always at the heart of my designs. Right now I’m inspired by the white and brown of the birch tree, the graduated blues of the night sky and the variegated greens that Spring brings to our landscape.

How do you see your collections evolving this year?

I’ve been designing more long artisan pieces, similar to our Signature Collection, but with more eclectic details mixed in. Shorter length necklaces are also at the forefront this year. We’ve been enjoying experimenting with thin and dainty designs that are still very uniquely artisan. And we’re revisiting and growing our collection of “connectors”. Connectors are necklace or bracelet designs that can be worn individually, but can also be connected to other designs and chains to make a long necklace. 

Are you planning to expand any current collections in 2020?

Our Nile Collection debuted in 2019 and was very well received. The mixed-metal medium of gold and silver makes Nile super versatile and timeless. So, plan to see more pieces added to that collection in 2020. 

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